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They Seek Him Here They Seek Him There!!

Hi everyone!! I have fielded a few calls of late enquiring why I have not been seen around the traps, being absent from classic business networking events and waterholes, and generally lying low. Well I have been up and about but I have been beavering away on several start-up ideas and companies which take up my time and attention.

The fruits of collaboration are about to ripen and I should be in a position to announce the start-up in June of a new innovative company deploying a disruptive business model in its chosen market. We are already excited about the interest shown in our approach by industry heavyweights.

The good news is I will be sharing the fruits of my collaboration with you all from June onwards and will be a more visible presence in the second half of 2014. I have some exciting offerings which showcase Conscious Business thought and these newsletters will move to a footing whereby the start-up showcases a lot of the business theory and practice of Conscious Business.

Stay tuned and you will start to see me pop up again shortly!!

Is Your Website or Social Media Presence Merely a Narcissistic Selfie – Part 1

At the moment there is going around the airwaves a piece of music by Aloe Blacc. It’s the classic catchcry of the narcissist…. “you can tell everybody I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m the man….”.

It’s about right that music and rock stars might be narcissistic in themselves and that their songs and music content reflect that theme. However when that starts showing up in personal and business websites and their related social media, then we should all start to worry.

We live in an age of brands where we are all told we need to create, become and maintain an active personal brand that connects to our business brand where we run our own enterprise at any level. Today we can all see how the unconscious drives of the person behind the personal brand, or who owns, runs or directs the business and personal brands, often shows up in the execution of the marketing  and online content of their own business.

The online web and social media presences of the business tend to reveal much about the mindset of the person behind the brand. However, more and more I notice how the content marketing strategies for solos, small business, and some aspiring corporates are simply an extension of what can only be the narcissistic personalities either advising them or running their show.

What’s more is they are influencing others down this blind road of marketing and content that lacks purpose other than pointless self promotion. What I mean by this is that we live in a time of both narcissism as a societal plague, and we all face a tsunami of online content trying to reach audiences with an ultimate aim or call to action to get some behaviour from that audience to occur.

For the full version of this article click  Is Your Website or Social Media Presence Merely a Narcissistic Selfie – Part 1

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