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Do you really understand your point of difference in your business? Do you even have a point of difference to your competitors?

One possible differentiator your business may have in the emerging New Economy is a monopolised commodity that sells itself. However most of us will need to compete by creating a total user/customer experience that contains the products or services you traditionally offered in your business.

The art and science of creating this sensually rich and compelling experience is a discipline and methodology that we at CBAU are in the forefront of understanding and creating with clients.

Our consulting framework is first class and proven in its delivery of controlled experiences.Our experienced architects of inner design, service design, user experience design, digital channel design, social media design, product design, services design, and environmental/architectural/space design work collaboratively to target each human sense awareness with a targeted experience that will evoke planned emotional outcomes.

Let us come and evaluate your current user experience and advise on how you can take it to a level that represents a real point of difference to your business.

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