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The critical success of any new economy business is the mindset and consciousness of its leaders and teams. Conscious Business Australia plays a leading part in coaching, training, educating and transforming key people in the business.

We assist leaders to find and articulate a clear and compelling vision as their embodiment of the brand values of the business. We likewise build personal and business culture around trust, inclusion, fun and high performance. Here the personal and corporate values resonate and are felt by all who come into contact with you.

Many people feel a deep emptiness and disconnect with the places they work in, and the unlived part of their own life. We actively work to overcome common workplaces symptoms of inner malaise such as stress, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and addictive or compulsive behaviours.

Many of these conditions stem in part a lack of meaning and purpose by those who are suffering.We have found that assisting staff to find their values and to recognise their passions in the workplace has a major positive effect on self purpose and activating meaning and purpose at work.

Staff satisfaction and morale lifts they are able to practice their values under value aligned work sanctioned activities such as environmental sustainability and community contribution initiatives. Conscious Business Australia are unique in that we discharge our Inner Design component of our Conscious Business Methodology(CBM) through our business consultants.

They are doubly trained in new economy business principles as well as being qualified in counselling and therapy modalities. We bring conscious awareness to individuals and teams via the deployment of Extended DISC behavioural profiling tool.

Extended DISC has been in use for over 40 years and is now used in over 50 countries. The system produces a 24 page report which provides an in-depth analysis of individual and team dynamics which provide an objective basis for coaching and group activities to occur.

We have accredited Extended DISC consultants in our team. Our programme involves one-on-one, team and enterprise level events, coaching, training and reflection. Our programme is tailored to each client and their particular needs.

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