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Businesses are like turtles. Many hatch but few make it out to sea. Engaging Conscious Business Australia was an investment in the future success of our business by being proactive, not reactive. Richard helped focus our strengths, identified crucial gaps and, most crucially, gave a new perspective on both our own and each other’s unique characters. The result is a more collaborative, engaged and compassionate boardroom.
Bacic Group

Conscious Business Australia employ a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with each and every client we engage with on a commercial basis. The following testimonials were offered voluntarily despite the NDA container around all our work and represent a sample of some of our clients feedback about our work.

Richard Boyd has been a valuable resource to Rentco in providing advice on a number of personnel and business strategy matters. We retain Richard with confidence as his broad knowledge and experience is the right combination for our business.
J. Shier, Rentco Trucking Company

Richard has helped me leaps and bounds in a very short period of time. I have a very high tolerance for stress and have developed good coping mechanises for a range of stressors and because of this I was unaware of the true detrimental nature of stress on both my mind and body. It wasn’t until I started coaching with Richard that I understood how detrimental stress can be, and with Richard’s Integrative Body Mind Psychotherapy was able to start making headway on problems that I had not been able to deal with effectively using other therapy modalities. My business accelerated as I dealt with these personal issues.
Pam, Business Owner

I had a vision of a new Social Enterprise charity borne out of my own suffering of grief.I started going to see Richard in early 2007 for personal counselling He guided me into being more responsibility for myself and stopped trying to hide when things got tough. I got to know (and even like) myself. I started living honestly. Richard encouraged me and championed my cause for Phoenix Grief Support to become a reality from the vision I held. He had a step by step process that set me on my path and with the support of his coaching and outside agency resources I have now realised a legitimate, legal entity that contains the entire vision of the charity. Richard’s belief in me and his belief in his Conscious Business Methodology has realised this vision and we are now growing and evolving under a stewardship that includes his active involvement in governance and mentorship of the charity.
I would recommend his services to anyone.
Karly Rauchelle-Hardie, CEO Phoenix Grief Support

I’m usually not one to pen personal references, but in this case I would like to. As my Executive Coach, Richard is a rare find, in that he brings two key elements of achievement in Leadership into his counsel; A very broad and succinct knowledge of leadership & function inside the corporate environment, coupled with a passion & awesome awareness of positive and conscious practice as the impetus of success.
The latter has become a bit of mantra for myself through my day to dealings, and is terribly difficult to find in a coach. And when I need Richard simply for specific corporate instruction, he is excellent at listening between the lines and articulating into smart direction… the mark of a good coach. Richard also has a formidable understanding of how the mind works, and yet rather than be overtly academic about business and personal psychology in his coaching, he tends to be pragmatic and uncomplicated, and tunes it into when I require it most.
He has a genuine intuition for the moment, which I think is very positive. He is also very clever with marketing speak and develops concepts rapidly, which i’ve rolled with dozens of times.
I won’t go on too much, but suffice to say I believe he would be a huge acquisition to yourselves in your business.
Matt Doughty, Delron, Leighton Services

Working with Richard over the past 18 months has been a revelation. Given Richard’s background he could easily approach his role within our organisation in a purely analytical manner. But, surprisingly, he brings sharp insightful observations and cutting edge ideas to the table in helping to position RETA Projects as conscious business practitioners and supporters. I value Richard’s contribution to our business and trust and embrace his business principles and practices.
Ross Addison, Creative Director at Crafting Words Corporate Communications

Business confidant, personal champion and life coach…all roles that I trust Richard with. Richard has unique and multifaceted skills and working with him closely over time has been incredibly grounding and empowering. I highly value his support and the partnership he provides in my business and personal life.
Tanya Barretto, Director at The Cheese Maker

Living is about dealing with people. To become successful professionally or personally you must first understand why people think and behave in certain ways. Richard Boyd exposes the truth about human nature to help us better recognize and perfect the art of inter-personal interaction.
Richard Boyd through Energetics Institute equipped me with fundamental life skills for success. I did one of his personal development courses on the Narcissism and Borderline Disorder Workshop. Not only was it an eye opener about some people I know in business life, but he dispensed with academic jargon and delivered them dynamically, making it a joy to listen what many may find a difficult subject to explore.
As a business owner such skill is essential to aid me in consciously calculating the risk levels of engaging certain prospective clients or consultants due to one’s personality nature. On the flip side it also enlightens myself to become more aware of my own personality so I may improve upon myself to better foster future relationships. I have no reservation in recommending Richard Boyd and his expertise as a Conscious Business Thought Leader, Coach and Consultant for he has changed my perception of people and of being in business for the better forever.
Oscar Fong, Director at Foice

I have known Richard for a few years and meet with him weekly. I assist his clients who require legal services and they speak highly of him. I have attended some of his courses which are informative and topical.
Richard is personable and experienced and a world leader in his field of Conscious Business and BodyMind Sciences. I suggest you give him a call if he can serve your needs.
Jules Lewin, Solicitor

Richard was the third business coach I had engaged in 4 years. I had been disappointed with the lack of practical business experience in the last two coaches who were basically disgruntled ex-accountants who had little to offer apart from expensive fees, rigid templates and processes which they applied as some form of methodology that were totally not what my business needed. A business coach for me is someone who can see the way ahead and see what is about to happen as well as help me systemise my business and get it marketed and functional. Richard blew my cynicism apart in our first session when he swept aside my charts and figures, challenged me for why I was in business and what was I trying to achieve not just in my business but in my life overall.
After he had finished shaking me apart he then helped put me together again in a dynamic way that made sense and made me conscious and self-aware of myself, my personal and business relationships, and how to be a Conscious Business. I did not really understand what I had signed up for but I got the most refreshing and awakening journey of my life. I have tripled my income in one year. I get to work on my business rather than slaving in my business and now he is assisting me in making those profits work for me by introducing me to a solid set of ethical Financial Industry colleagues. He also was half the price of the fancy suits who had wasted my time over the past few years and so walks his talk of values and ethics in business. His involvement and giving of himself freely to charities and community causes showed me how I had missed a lot of meaning and purpose in my own life and I have followed his footsteps in spending 30% of my business time serving others.
If you want real Action then ring Richard for his Conscious Business Methodology is a model of life, consciousness, business, everything really that just simply makes sense!!
Rod A. – I.T. Systems H/W & S/W Integrator Business

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