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Business Coaching is much needed type of support for many businesses regardless of what industry or business they are in, or where they lie in their life cycle. A business coach who is qualified and experienced can bring the clarity, support, tools and experience to a business that simply is not in the DNA of the business.

Research shows 95% of businesses are built from “the inside out” which means the owners decide what the public or the market wants and needs.  A coach skilled in New Economy dynamics is able to challenge this view and bring a strongly consumer or customer focussed  “outside in” view to your business that will simply blow apart compartmentalised or constrained thinking about what one needs to do to be a success in business.


The single most important aspect of business and of business coaching is mindset and the mind of the people in the business.  Unfortunately coaching is an unregulated industry and coaches exist who have no training or background to be doing mind interventions with clients.

Conscious Business Australia is different in that we have the unique combination of experienced business practitioners who are also recognised clinical practitioners in the mind sciences field, with extensive training in counselling, psychotherapy, neuroscience or psychology. This safeguards your greatest asset – your mind. No other coaching unit can boast this set of combined skills.


A business will typically reach out for coaching support at one of the following milestones in the life of a business:

Conception/Inception – Many people have great business ideas and business cases but we all suffer from blindspots, wrong assumptions, invalid data, wrong contextual use of data etc which means that without independent advice and coaching we can start a business on shaky financial, staffing, product or service , legal or H.R. foundations.

Correct support and advice at the outset is critical for entrepreneurs and startups to make the right decisions and implement the correct structures, processes and foundations of the business. Click here for more information.

Direction/Correction – The growing pains of a business soon show up once the show hits the road. Any first stage flaws in operation are now exposed, success may test the scalability of the operation, and the strategies that made the business successful may now need reworking towards the next level of success.

Outside support is critical to know what you do not know.  Many businesses go into crisis from their success or their failure at this point in their life cycle.   A coach can be the critical circuit breaker right at this point. Click here for more information

Reflection/Projection – Once a business has achieved its initial goals and growth has plateaued into a stable level of success it is time to revisit the vision and core reasons for being. Reflection can re-energise a business and create the platform for new vision and energy, new goals and the support to take it all towards a new level of innovation and reimplementation of what the business stands for.

Maturation/Cessation – At some point the business owner has ceased working “in” the business and simply works “on” the business. Over time this may lead to a desire to move on to new challenges, and either a need for succession, sale or stepping away from the business in a more formal way. In some cases there will still be some engagement that still exists.

A business coach here transcends the micro world of the business itself and then casts the owner into the bigger world of their core values, how they find meaning and purpose in their life, and how might they create happiness that is less about wealth and money. This thread exists across all stages of the coaching journey and is mindfully created at the outset, but it is increasingly relevant and accessible at this point in the lifecycle of a business. Click here for more information

Conscious Business Australia engages at all points of the lifecycle with clients and can take over the reins from another coach when you ask us to do so. We can work from whichever point you engage us from.
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In all situations we commence our engagement with you by sitting down together for up to 2 hours and scope out what it is you are trying to achieve by undertaking coaching.  This clarity session will establish:

• The goals that need to be achieved

• Baseline where your business and you are at right now

• What key measures matter to you

• Question the question!! We will challenge you as required if you are asking the right questions about yourself and your business.

This first session is free of charge. Either party may walk away at this stage. If we mutually feel we each are a fit we then agree on how we would like to structure our engagement moving forward and set the basis for how we will contractually express the way we will work together.

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