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We live in an era of brands and CBAU are geared to facilitate with you the creation and development of a great brand for your business. We don’t just create traditional brand logos and artefacts but uniquely create your brand as a living social process through your employees, customers and business stakeholders.

The old economy marketing economic levers of the 5 P’s(Product, Place, Promotion, Price and Packaging) are increasingly being found to be wanting in terms of their effect on consumer spending and behaviour. They are increasingly becoming the wrong strategies for an economy that is shifting into an era of the total customer experience that is geared around innovation and imitation dynamics.

This is the era of the corporate brand where consumers are increasingly choosing brands to identify with, and belong to, as a way of self expression, and as a way of aligning personal values to those same values lived actively by those corporate brands. We help you to understand how to create and grow a compelling brand based on new economy drivers and consumer values.

The value proposition for businesses is rapidly changing in the face of changed consumer consciousness, perceptions and value expression.At Conscious Business Australia we understand this new world and lead businesses on the journey to create powerful brands.

We do this through the value propositions and the visible activation of brand energy by lived initiatives that are directly linked to the meaning and purpose of the business. Consumers are increasingly choosing to walk away from businesses that act from a “profit only” motive for being in business.

Likewise key team members are seeking to work and align only to businesses that have a soul or a set of lived values that they can participate in. This is all part of the brand energy dynamics of the new economy business.

We can help you to understand and create powerful brands, and brand experiences built on the key values of the business. Our psychological and neuroscience knowledge inform you how emotions shape brand awareness and loyalty. Our understanding of the neuroscience of consumer decision making and purchases, brand logo, tag line and colour influence in brand formation, is sharp and practical for your business.

Our understanding of internet and social media marketing, as well as how physical channel marketing must adapt to brand values and the total customer experience frameworks, means we prepare your business for new economy success.

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