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We at Conscious Business Australia offer leading edge coaching, consulting and training services. We stand apart from our competitors in that we uniquely possess the latest business tools and applied thinking for your business.

The Hub

At the Conscious Business Hub, we meet and engage in a positive and thought provoking way to discuss and explore social issues, user experience short comings, and stakeholder mindfulness and engagement dynamics, for the benefit of participants.


Conscious Business Australia have a wealth of coaching, consulting and development programmes for the budding entrepreneur, small business, and large corporates. We tailor our programmes and offerings to suit your needs.

Services We Do

Business Programmes

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Business Coaching

Business Coaching is much needed type of support for many businesses regardless of what industry or business they are in.


Business Products

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Business Events

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The Conscious Business Future

Many small and large businesses are finding that their old ways of operating no longer work and the strategies that underpin these operations are failing. There is an emerging trend of long term decline that has started to affect even some of the historically most successful businesses in Australia.

Hidden Dynamics and Organisational Constellations

Have you ever worked in a business or organisation that seemed to have bad luck, or had an ongoing pattern of intractable issues which you could not quite put your finger on. In some businesses it almost seems like a curse exists as staff always get sick or misfortune happens across the leader.

To Bee or Not to Be!!

Everyone of us has at some time had an encounter with a bee. For some of us bees pose a fear based response either due to having been stung in some painful way, or as a potential life threatening issue based on hyper-sensitivity to the chemical makeup of the poison of the sting of the bee.

Mind the Gap!! The Risk of Falling Down Between the Brand and the Customer Experience

Anyone who has ridden the London Underground Train system will be used to hearing that familiar warning “Mind the Gap” as one steps on and off the trains at any platform. This iconic statement is one novel customer experience piece that we assimilate when using this practical and famous tourist service.

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