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Conscious Business (often referred to as Conscious Capitalism) is a New Economy concept for promoting collaboration and innovation in teams, groups and community chapters. The concept involves doing things differently.

The Conscious Business Hub meets every second Monday at Dome Leederville, 156 Oxford St, Leederville W.A. The meeting starts at 7am and finishes at 9am.

We are leveraging the idea that the “outside in” view of your business by others can yield insights and breakthroughs that the owners who possess an “inside out” view of their own business simply cannot provide. We guide and mentor the process so that those involved can effectively aligning all their business elements to provide an exceptional user experience and overcome inbuilt blindspots to their business model and operations.

We recognise that customers, employees, suppliers, investors and the wider community may all engage with your business, and that each experience is important in building a sustainable brand. Through these associations, people’s own experience will present an emotional connection to the brand, and if that is positive, then everyone has the opportunity of being an advocate or customer of that business.

The concept of conscious business aims at embedding and living a set of agreed values that represent the intended ethical, socially aware and purpose-driven actions and behaviours, and through operating in this way, the user experience will lead to more business and greater profits.

The Conscious Business Hub aims to provide a hub for the gathering together of a professional community of user experience designers, business owners, physical and digital business facilitators, as well as existing conscious business operators to facilitate, cooperate, collaborate, evaluate their ideas, and innovate and co-create new products, services and business value.

Through this association we will go beyond traditional business networking which offers to enable people and businesses to build their resources and networks and find referrals. The Conscious Business Hub aims to provide members with the tools and know-how on how to have a more fulfilling and purposeful engagement with their community, customers and team members.

This New Economy approach of collaboration offers the opportunity to build significant points of difference in your brand and your business operations over time. The experience of the Conscious Business Hub for your business will be through active participation in our events and support of our Conscious Business mentors working with you to redefine your business purpose and experience delivery where that is appropriate.

It is through the Conscious Business Hub that we aim to share knowledge and experiences, insights and the “how to” in supporting one another and the business community towards a footing in the New Economy. We do this through our networking events and activities as well as through our Face Book community that we welcome you to join.

Conscious Business Australia are thought leaders in the world of Conscious Business. It is the heart of what we do day to day and is not just a convenient tag line or image serving façade behind which mundane business services are being offered instead. We live our passion and have the track record to share our experiences, insights and achieved gains with new business startups as well as existing business operators who are facing a decline or flat energy in their business meaning and purpose.

The Conscious Business Hub is the community interface for Conscious Business Australia, and led by the Conscious Business Guy – Richard Boyd. Access to a global community means bringing together thought leaders in conscious business that can offer insights to user experience models and tools for the collective good.

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