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Every business relies on its systems and processes to create a cost effective and consistent experience of its goods and services. In many businesses we work with we find that their traditional design of products and services has suffered however from the “inside out” syndrome.

This is where business owners and their teams decided they knew what customers would want and like. Research has consistently shown that the “inside out” mentality has produced very functional business outcomes but ones which serve internal stakeholders at the expense of customers and external stakeholders.

We find that poorly executed systems and process design is the second largest source of customer complaints. The new economy world of business is to be fought and won on the total customer experience.

A common problem behind many of our coaching engagements has been the risky strategy of the business to allow its own untrained staff to conceive, design and implement customer experience outcomes. These typically are built around internal systems and processes, without guidance and skilled support.

Understanding what the “outside in” perspective is of your business, is our business. We excel in it and help you in redesigning those parts of your business that suffer from “inside out” thinking which hurts or affects customers or the costs in your business.

We assist any business in understanding their customers, their needs and wants, and the key values they as a demographic hold as important. We then work through with you our Conscious Business Methodology(CBM).

Our CBM contains the toolkit to marry internal systems and processes to consciously designed “wow” customer experiences based on an “outside in” philosophy of business design. Conscious Business Australia is also versed in business process re-engineering and I.T. systems and digital business channel design.

We can evaluate the legacy and incoming systems of your business for “fit for purpose” evaluation, as well as to ensure they integrate seamlessly into maintaining the overall customer experience dynamics that exist today.Conscious Business Australia also have experienced project managers who are formally trained to manage any mission critical projects from conception to implementation success.

Our revamped version of the standard PMBOK Project Management guidelines is uniquely ours and was rated at a recent Project Management Institute workshop as “thought leading and ground breaking”.

We are pioneers in how to project manage for the new economy way of introducing change in organisations.

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