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Conscious Leadership is a new field in how business leadership is understood and undertaken. Increasingly business success is being fought out on the total customer experience which itself is built on a value driven workplace culture.

The right leadership develops the right culture which in turn is the container within which “wow” customer experiences happen, and from which the clearly visible values of the business are on show for all to see. Conscious Leadership creates this effect.

Conscious Business Australia work directly and extensively with the leaders of business to identify and then embody the values of the business. We assist you to internalise the core values of the business in the leadership team. We then guide the leadership in how to role model the behaviours that need to occur to build the culture of excellence and the focus on the total customer experience.

We have a Conscious Leadership Programme which involves a combination of executive coaching, Extended DISC behavioural profiling, team development, leadership development, and cultural mapping. We take the right words and transform them into right actions and behaviours in ways that are visible to those who notice “what really goes on around here”.

The core work of leaders in modern business is to firstly build trust. Research shows that universally in Australia the lack of trust and respect by teams towards leaders is a constant theme regardless of business sector or business headcount.

Only when employees feel trusted and that they have trust and respect for superiors will they feel safe enough or motivated to become innovative, curious and take an active part in matching leaders in working towards goals, strategies and targets. The alternative is a toxic workplace culture which expresses the costly symptoms of workplace low productivity, high absenteeism, stress leave, employee turnover, conflict and bullying.

A Conscious Business can only be built on positive workplace culture. Conscious Business Australia work with clients to identify the present workplace culture via its Cultural Mapping Tools and then execute a jointly agreed plan for the way forward to the clearly mapped new culture and the values it contains.

Contact us today to find out how to engage in the Conscious Leadership Programme for your business.

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