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Conscious Business Community Platform Launch

Next Thursday on March 13th we will launch a New Economy oriented, and digital e-commerce based, platform for discussions and trading. In 2014 we will start to apply our Conscious Business and New Economy thinking to new collaborations and business startups we are incubating right now. We will reveal and show the lessons learnt and the dynamics highlighted as we move forward.  Look out for us then to know more!!

Dead Brands Walking – The Imperative for Change or Decline in Business

Mohandas Gandhi once wrote that “you must be the change you wish to see in the world”. What he was alluding to is that there must be an inner transformation before you can hope to carry out a transformation in the outer physical world.

In the world of business this same idea has never been more relevant than now. The “out there” world of business and the environments and market forces they operate in are all in flux as we speak. Old business models are becoming redundant very quickly for many and not everyone is becoming the change they need to be or the change they may wish for in the world.

2013 has been in Australia one of the worst years for retailers and for some other sectors of the economy. The profit levels of almost all traditional retailers has taken a hammering and what is spooking business operators is that they instinctively know that things are changing beyond their control and beyond their understanding of what’s going on.

We see in this carnage some highly profitable new businesses which have business models and markets that simply did not exist even 5 years ago.  These new operators see a business landscape that is based on fundamentals of both digital and physical dimensions that call for a whole new mindset for business.

Meanwhile the traditional business operators grapple with the much needed fundamental transformation in the economic landscape. We see them as case studies of failed business practices via the stock market disclosure releases of such firms as Forge Engineering, Holden and Qantas who have or who are going into demise.

We also see those who have taken on a new business venture or old business models and transformed and adapted them towards success but often at a great personal cost. The recent personal story of James Packer as recounted in Forbes magazine is a warning about the personal and family cost of grappling with business issues and where the work-life balance can go out of kilter as a result of hard application to navigating a business through changing circumstances.

The trend is accelerating as we enter 2014. We are at a time in Australia’s economic journey when many dynamics are changing and even old stalwarts such as Ford, Toyota, David Jones, Myer, Sensis and others are under challenge by many new forces wracking the domestic and international economies.

For the full version of this article click  Dead Brands Walking – The Imperative for Change or Decline in Business

About Us

Conscious Business Australia is uniquely positioned to assist you in your business journey towards the new economy. We transcend traditional old economy business and leadership coaching and consulting models by bringing to bear our innovative and leading edge Conscious Business Methodology.

Our unique combination of skills, insight, experience and methodologies enable us to stand apart from the tired old coaching and consulting “experiences” that still dominate the business world using old economy constructs and principles.

Come across and try the Conscious Business Australia “experience” which is built on the intersection of psychology, neuroscience, design, project management, marketing, channel design, and digital and physical product design/innovation/imitation philosophies. Have a look at our website for more information, for a much more detailed version of newsletter articles, and for further articles and notifications of other courses and events that we run on a regular basis.

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