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Legacy as Value in the Conscious Business

Naomi had been with the coffee house for about 6 years. Working regular shifts in the business had brought her into contact with a wide range of customers and her emotional intelligence had grown as a result. Her supervisors supported her in engaging with the customers and having an ongoing narrative with each one who would engage.

She got extensive training not just in barista skills but also in customer facing skills, systems, technology, workplace safety and a wide range of bread and butter training over time. As her confidence built she was encouraged to have purpose and meaning and to have a dream that might lay outside the work she now did.

Naomi went to University whilst she kept working and the business worked with her to arrange shifts that worked for both parties with some odd mutual sacrifice. Six years later she had graduated with Honours from University and now was honoured by the business as she worked her last day and completed a milestone in her life. She was to embark on the next chapter in her life the following week and reflected on how working for those 6 years had matured her and enriched her, as well as having provided a financial platform for her to live and study.

What Naomi and her business has created and were now experiencing was legacy. Legacy is the substantial but not always measurable return and permanent contribution that a person and a business makes in its footprint within the community it lives and operates in.

In the fabric of community small businesses play a large role in employing school leavers and providing returns beyond the immediate bottom line and financial considerations that dominate much business thought. How conscious are you to this in your business? Most businesses are unconscious to this hidden dynamic at play in how they connect and interact with the community and the marketplace.

Some business operators play a short term manipulative game with young employees. They exploit young workers and pay them sub award rates, omit Superannuation and other entitlements, and deduct money for uniforms, training and a host of other contrived reasons. They leave a legacy of pain and trauma in the hearts and mind of their often young employees who often find themselves made redundant at short notice.

Their community legacy is to make their market and their community in which they connect a much more unsafe place, a place that has predatory and fear based energy. The future does not lie with the sharks who predate on young and naive staff who get churned through their manipulative business operations.

The future is with businesses who build their brands on a user experience where all stakeholders, including staff, are dealt with equal respect, dignity, truth and from a value driven culture. The way to long term and sustainable profits lies not just with the outward facing experience that customers have when they connect with your business. It critically lies with the emotional engines of your business and they are your staff.

If your business evokes a powerful loyalty bond and positive feelings of staff who feel proud and engaged in wanting to work for your business, then that emotional energy will in turn infuse their customer interactions. The emotional state of the employee dictates the customer experience and no amount of slick advertising, logos, systems training can replace that.

A staff member who is exploited, used, abused or deceived by their employer is still an emotional engine. It is just an engine now running on toxic fuel that as additives may have fear, resentment, anger, hatred or depression as energy mixes creating an EMF (E-Motional Field) effect around that employee.

Just as an electric engine creates an electro-magnetic effect (EMF) so do employees with their E-Motional Field effect when with each other or with customers. This energy has an unconscious but immediate effect on the user experience either in a positive or a negative direction. It takes only seconds for one human being to sum up the energetic and emotional disposition of another human being.

Neuroscience informs us that our social brain is geared for social engagement with other people as part of our survival strategies of instantly identifying whether this other person is a friend or a foe. Our striated facial muscles are one key embodied component of each of us that allows for our unconscious self to express itself through the body.

In seconds how we feel internally through our emotional selves shows up in our facial muscles, eyes, body posture, voice prosody or tone, and a host of other subtle mannerisms. We cannot hide this as the key Vagus Vagal system of nerves expresses our truth through our unconscious older parts of the emotional brain.

We are geared from a survival perspective to read each other and understand this and react accordingly. If you come across a retail or organisational employee who is stressed, used or abused or bullied by its employer, you as the customer cannot but help notice that either consciously or unconsciously in that interaction. You react negatively and go into defence.

The brain now forms a negative association between that encounter and your business and its brain. That powerful negative association now sits in the brains database of object and environments with which you should be wary with in the future. You just lost that customer unless there is some compelling conscious reason to overcome that inertia and defence that just was created.

What is worse is that human beings are energetic creatures. We do emit a powerful EMF that has been measured and described from the heart perspective as being a Torus with an EMF effect of being up to 15 feet from the physical body.

Your employees as emotional engines are generating either powerful negative or positive field effects which we unconsciously translate into the words mood or atmosphere, and which shape our intuitive self. One negative employee’s mood and therefore energy can dominate and destroy a positive energy fabric or field effect in a store, an office or at the counter of a retail outlet.

In energetic terms we find that energy has an entrainment effect whereby one person can either raise or lower the vibration of surrounding objects. Here critically the leader must embody the positive values of the business and be a true leader who sets and raises the emotional tone of the other emotional engines in the workplace.

If the leader gets lost in systems, processes, data and detail and lives in their head, or is a dominator, suppressor, or a weak and passive servant to poor business practices and staff attitudes then your business is doomed long term. Human beings do attune to emotional energies in the workplace and our customers in turn attune to the collective and personal energies of what and who they encounter at your customer touch points in your business.

It is no wonder that 80% of small business in Australia who operate between 50k to 250k fail within the first 5 years. Most businesses have a left brain business model and take their advice on business strategy from left brain dominated lawyers, accountants, coaches and advisors. All that system, process and systems related architecture in business is needed but it is not the DOMINANT factor for business success if the business model is dictated by customer led purchasing, experiences and relationship.

The key to not just surviving the next 5 years, but to thriving beyond, and creating a positive legacy for your business and all those who touch your business, is a revolution led by the marriage of left and right brain understanding of business and the human psychology of social engagement.

If your business is a low end commodity such as supplying sand or some staple product that requires little thought or conscious evolution then maybe you are not our ideal client. If you care about your business, about your customers and staff, and critically about your success in this changing world where old business models of economic rationalism no longer cut it, then you need to come and listen to what we have to offer.

Enjoy your month consciously!!

Kind Regards,

Richard Boyd

Director, Conscious Business Australia

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