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Hello Everyone,

As we race into 2015 we find turmoil and volatility abound in our economy, society and our environments. How do we make sense of all this?

The mood of the community and in business is that the way we do business is changing. Personal and business bankruptcies are on the rise as the way business is done transitions into the foretold New Economy.

Apple has just become the largest US tech company with a market capitalisation of over 700 billion USD. At the same time their old foe Samsung has had a major reversal in fortunes in 2014.

We can learn a lot from them about new business practices from both these titans of business. With that in mind I have written a new extensive article titled When Titans Do Battle – New Economy Competition!   Apple Vs Samsung which highlights some of the New Economy dynamics at play in both these businesses, and some mistakes being made by each of them along the way.

On a more personal front there is increasing evidence emerging of a widening gap in wealth between the average person and the most wealthy. This trend has implications for us all and recent research confirms that this subject should be one of concern to us all.

Bearing that in mind I have also published a new article titled Global Prosperity or Global Misery – The Looming Wealth Inequity in Society and What It Means For Us All on the national and global dynamics which underpin the way that individuals and whole economies are losing out to the sort of corporate greed that inspired the GFC of 2008.

This article underlines the need for a new form of corporate and political leadership that is needed to create a fair outcome for the person who aspires to get ahead through small business or through investment practices.

I will add to this article base in 2015 as in 2014 my time and attention was put more into the technology company startup I am heavily involved in.

Enjoy your month,

Richard Boyd

Director Conscious Business Australia

When Titans Do Battle – New Economy Competition!   Apple Vs Samsung


The emergence of new economy operators and the way they create and execute their marketing, product and branding strategies gives us insight into the way that businesses need to adapt to survive moving forward. The accelerating nature of digital business channels, social media adoption, and the changes these are having on consumer attitudes, perceptions and behaviour is worth noting and examining.

Some companies will continue to attempt to create the future and innovate new products, services, markets and experiences. Apple is one such example. If we use a bird as an analogy then they are like a Lark bird that is up early at dawn and builds its nest afresh from assembling existing materials and resources around it.

Some other companies will imitate rather than innovate as a primary strategy and learn from competitors experience in order to follow leaders into their key profit making markets. Samsung has been one such example. They are via analogy like a Cuckoo bird which wakes up and searches for another birds existing nest in which to takeover and occupy.  For the full version of this article click When Titans Do Battle – New Economy Competition!   Apple Vs Samsung

Global Prosperity or Global Misery – The Looming Wealth Inequity in Society and What It Means For Us All

Australia recently hosted the G20 summit Australia which brought together the political and thought leaders and of the world’s 20 largest nations to tackle what they saw as being the big issues in the global economy. The nations looked at a broad spectrum of issues which spanned global warming, trade agreements, security, world issues such as Ebola, to name a few.

The collective G20 group are also signing up to a package of reforms around transnational tax affairs which are designed to stop companies shifting profits under transfer pricing schemes from one country to another to cut their tax bills. The collective action was based around a key set of recommendations arising from their “Base Erosion and Profit Shifting Project”.

The outing of the tax minimisation behaviours and strategies of multi-nationals such as Apple, Google and Amazon also has led to an international outcry for reform.  As a result 44 countries covering 90% of the global economy have agreed to sign up to the series of recommendations which are designed to shutdown the existing ability of multi-nationals to avoid their tax payment obligations.

Countries such as Ireland have been singled out for criticism of its hosting of multi-nationals and the ability of such companies to do what is called the “double Irish” tax trick. Under this strategy a global company earns money in any number of foreign destinations but then transfers the profits to Ireland.  For the full version of this article click Global Prosperity or Global Misery – The Looming Wealth Inequity in Society and What It Means For Us All

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Our unique combination of skills, insight, experience and methodologies enable us to stand apart from the tired old coaching and consulting “experiences” that still dominate the business world using old economy constructs and principles.

Come across and try the Conscious Business Australia “experience” which is built on the intersection of psychology, neuroscience, design, project management, marketing, channel design, and digital and physical product design/innovation/imitation philosophies. Have a look at our website for more information, for a much more detailed version of newsletter articles, and for further articles and notifications of other courses and events that we run on a regular basis.

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