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In September we are running the following events – (click on the green wording for more detailed information on related website pages.)

Building Blocks to Customer Service

Wednesday September 18

Getting Online to the World of Digital Business

Thursday September 19

Check out our 2013 Events Calendar for a list of upcoming events.  Please feel free to contact us if you require more details or book into any events.

Breakfast Seminar on Social Responsibility

Conscious Business Australia (CBAU) is a Board member of the W.A. Conscious Business Association. We are participating in a quarterly breakfast next Wednesday September 11 at Willow Ponds Canning Vale. Richard will be a keynote presenter and will be sharing how Social Responsibility Creates Business Success.

In addition Chloe Boyce-Bacon of Solar Naturally will speak about Implementation of Solar Energy Panels for Your Business.  Solar Naturally are the only business providing lease arrangements for Solar power (of course these can be purchased outright from them).

Willow Pond in Canning Vale, which is the headquarters of the Conscious Business Association, has installed a 30Kwatt, 120lbs Solar panels system. Ramon Lawrence, President of Conscious Business Association will conduct a viewing of their installed technology on the day.  Cost factors will be discussed and savings will be shown.  This information could save your business $$$.

You are cordially invited to this great networking opportunity to kick off the new financial year. Please invite your guests and join us for breakfast at the Conscious Business Association at 459 Nicholson Road Canning Vale. Ph: 9456 3023 or 041 9911 547 to book a seat.

Upcoming Workshops

CBAU in conjunction with Live PM will be running two of our key New Economy Customer Experience one day workshops in both local and exotic destinations.

Click on these 2 flyer for all details  Building Blocks to Customer Service – Sept 18 and Getting Online to the World of Digital Business – Sept 19.  We are running our local versions on September 18 and 19 at Live PM premises at 75A Brewer St., East Perth. We run the international versions in Bali at the 5 star Pullman hotel on October 19 and 20.

These events are for the small and medium businesses who wish to amplify their customer service excellence or whom wish to transition to a New Economy footing for their business around leadership in the total customer experience as the embodiment of their brand.

The workshops can be attended singly or as a pair. The local course cost is $200 cash, card or BBX trade dollars. The cost for a single Bali workshop is $400 per attendee whilst attendance of both Bali workshops is a set price of $700.  Attendance can potentially be organised as a business expense and tax deduction. Refer to your accountant for actual tax advice in these matters.

Attendees can plan their own trip and then attend the Pullman Hotel Kuta on the day or contact us for an organised package of flights and accommodation in Bali which includes attendance at one or both courses.

There were 47 registrations at our last Building Blocks to Customer Service course. The feedback was uniformly as a group “excellent to very excellent”, with many attendees having been to similar courses in the past but were not impacted in the way this course resonated with them.

In is workshop we teach the key building blocks of creating excellent customer service and “wow” customer experiences. This course is an essential professional development offering for any customer facing personnel as well for business owners who are seeking to understand how to take their business and its brand to the next level of success.

Our new additional course is titled Getting Online to the World of Digital BusinessA consistent theme in all our coaching and consulting interventions with clients has been the confusion and lack of understanding of how to set about building digital business channels in their business.

Our clients struggle to understand how to manage their brand and digital reputations in cyberspace, and how to get a grip on all the tools, enabling technologies and environments of social media, content management, lead generation and creating fantastic user experiences of their digital ecosystem touch points to their business.

Still others are ignorant of what reporting about them is going on within social media channels and what to do when negative feedback is posted about them. They are not alone and so if that sounds like you then grab your sunscreen and get on board our Bali training experience!! For more details contact us at CBAU or book through Live PM website.

Executive Wellness Retreat at Maitraya Retreat, Albany

CBAU will conduct a weekend wellness retreat for stressed executives on the weekend of September 14-15, 2013, at the fabulous 5 star Maitraya Private Retreat, outside Albany.  Richard Boyd and Dr Joe Kosterich will co-host a Body Mind Health Retreat at the 5 star Maitraya Luxury Retreat just outside Albany. This is a great chance to down tools and spend a weekend on our wonderful pristine coastline having an experiential and educational break.  We want to cut though all the hype out there on the internet and give some clarity and key tips to take away from this collaborative event. Dr Joe is a well known health identity with regular segments in the television media, on PerthNow and other media websites, as well as having his own blogs and social media activities.  Attendees can stay at Maitraya for one night (Saturday 14) as part of the event. You can choose to stay either onsite or offsite either side of the event as Maitraya is an experience not to be missed!  

Who is Tinkering With Your Porsche

Would you let a backyard mechanic loose on your prized Porsche car if you owned one? When I ask this question I always get answered with “Of course not!!” When I ask the same person would they think of their mind as being as least as valuable as a Porsche they always answer “Yes” as well.  This then leads to an interesting discussion.

When I next ask them if they could then justify allowing themselves to place their minds in the hands of untrained persons to coach their mindset and personal and interpersonal dynamics they state “no”. They are then are gobsmacked when they find out they have often been doing exactly that for some time!!

For the full version of this article click Who is Tinkering With Your Porsche

The Barriers to Collaboration

The innovation in products, services and experiences in the New Economy are often created through collaboration. Collaboration in business is often an event(s) of bringing several minds into a common space and working to exchange ideas, thoughts, feelings and design thinking towards a problem or towards a common objective or cause.

We might think that collaboration is easy but it is actually a vulnerable group dynamic that is based on trust and safety. Human beings act subconsciously from moment to moment trying to establish and maintain safety as a foundational state for all other possible minds to then emerge.

It is no wonder then that great outcomes from collaboration are not always commonly achieved without some form of proper preparation and facilitation. The advent of digital collaboration via unifying technology for remote users also brings to bear its own set of potential issues.

For the full version of this article click The Barriers to Collaboration

About Us

Conscious Business Australia is uniquely positioned to assist you in your business journey towards the new economy. We transcend traditional old economy business and leadership coaching and consulting models by bringing to bear our innovative and leading edge Conscious Business Methodology.

Our unique combination of skills, insight, experience and methodologies enable us to stand apart from the tired old coaching and consulting “experiences” that still dominate the business world using old economy constructs and principles.

Come across and try the Conscious Business Australia “experience” which is built on the intersection of psychology, neuroscience, design, project management, marketing, channel design, and digital and physical product design/innovation/imitation philosophies. Have a look at our website for more information, for a much more detailed version of newsletter articles, and for further articles and notifications of other courses and events that we run on a regular basis.

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