Oscar Fong

OscarfongOscar grew up in the international city of Hong Kong.  Living and working in the dense multicultural metropolis had developed his strong understandings in making the best use of limited living, working and leisure spaces.  His curiosity on how spaces subconsciously influence people ignited his interests in practical and academic research into spatial experience design, environmental behavioural psychology and neuroscience.
He pursued his passion with the formal training in the discipline of architecture at the University of Western Australia.  Having practiced with large national architectural practices and local boutique firms, Oscar has strong experiences in residential, commercial, landscape, retail and hospitality projects.  He is a professional membership with the Australian Institute of Architects, Design Institute of Australia and Building Designers Association of Australia.
Oscar founded Foice, a multi-disciplinary Spatial Experience Design Practice, as a direct result of his years in research and practice.  Foice delivers traditional architectural services in design, documentation and project management; with an equally considered focus in pre-design project discovery studies. These include Spatial Experience Design, Branded Environment Design, Visual Merchandise Design, and Urban Context Design.  This approach brings a conscious awareness and expression of a designed spatial experience for projects of any scope.
Oscar is a recognised educator in the professional and public domains.  He is a published author and an on-going editorial contributor for several professional and business journals.  He speaks at professional development seminars of architectural and non-design related associations, and on public platforms, on innovative topics such as spatial design and mental health.  He also contributed as founding committee member for Open House Perth, a branch of a global non-for-profit organisation promoting education events to celebrate local architecture and designs. 
The architectural community acknowledged Oscar and described him as ‘one of the pioneers of spatial design in Australia’, in the professional journal ‘the Brief’, 2013 Winters Edition.  In the same year he was invited as one of the youngest Judges for the prestige Architectural Design Excellence Awards.  He since served on the Building Designers Association Committee and an active contributor to other subscribed professional bodies.