We at Conscious Business Australia offer leading edge coaching, consulting and training services. We stand apart from our competitors in that we uniquely possess the latest business tools and applied thinking for your business. Add to that our deep knowledge and experience of how people think and behave then we uniquely can guide and transform you and your business to new levels of profit, success, meaning and purpose.

These departure points for Conscious Business Australia transcend traditional consulting and coaching practices.
Our differentiation additionally includes our unique leading edge Conscious Business Methodology(CBM) with its New Economy frameworks to revitalise your business in all its dimensions.

Our consultants are unique too!! We each embody deep and rich understandings of social neuroscience in business, human consciousness, emotions in business and the customer experience, plus leadership, relationship, creativity, self mastery, team dynamics, and the mental and emotional health issues that often confront business owners.

We are thought leaders in the field of Conscious Business and each day we are transforming businesses towards the New Economy.  The “CBAU” experience is dynamic and alive. It is not a tired stale “heady” imitation practiced by many coaching and consulting agencies who tend to follow “cookie cutter” template based methodologies rooted in old industrial era economy mindsets.

We stand apart in our field and are ready to serve you in your journey towards Conscious Business success.

The team at Conscious Business Australia play a big part in our Conscious Business success and experience. Our diverse team includes Richard Boyd who was recently recognised and given an award for “Thought Leadership in Social Responsibility Business (Conscious Business) and User Experience Practice”.

Richard was one of only 20 graduates worldwide from the Central Saint Martin’s London School in their thought leading Service Design course in 2012. Richard went on to be mentored by thought leaders in social responsibility and Conscious Business principles, practice and ethics.

As a result Richard has co-designed and created a ground breaking Conscious Business Methodology (CBM) not previously seen in Australia. Previously Richard has been recognised as a Bodymind expert, Leadership consultant and coach, Neuroscience and trauma researcher, Project Manager and business consultant.

Richard is well recognised for his bodymind science work that is central to understanding mindset change in the transformation of unconscious to conscious ways of being, doing and practice in Conscious Business. His passion for body mind and neuroscience frameworks in how he practices is first class.

Richard has been a business owner and entrepreneur all of his life. He excels in buying failing businesses and turning them around into profit and success as test cases for his coaching clients. He also creates new business models and uncovers new business value in the business he creates from start-up.

Oscar Fong is a leader in the field of how environments and experiences human wellness affect emotions and their role in creating individual health as well as business success or sabotage. Oscar brings a wealth of environmental design, user experience and architectural insights into his work.

Our team also includes specialists in the emergent fields of digital marketing, digital business and value creation. They hold expertise in social media and how humans experience and relate to digital environments and online experiences is leading edge.

Taken together our collective business DNA encompasses both the left brain and right brain skills, competencies and knowledge frameworks that are required to lead and consult in Conscious Business.
Come and “experience” us today!!